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Littoral Combat Ship are a new type of warship in the United States Navy, who in the face of the changed threat situation for asymmetric warfare has been designed to be deployed in enemy coastal waters. In total (as of 2014) 32 units of two different classes are to be procured.

The United States Navy is currently facing new missions and deployment areas. In the fight against terrorism, large aircraft carriers, on which the Navy is largely relying on, are rather out of place. To cope with tasks in coastal areas, such as intelligence reconnaissance, and withdrawing Special Forces escort of landing craft or helicopter carriers, a new ship class must emerge These ships must have a reduced radar signature as well as optical and thermal camouflage features. In addition, it has to have the corresponding fire power and a low draft, in order to be able to drive near the coast. Check out the video below to see what we are talking about and leave your comment in the comment box.