U.S.Military’s Electromagnetic Railgun Shoots 100 miles at mach 7

Check out this cannon and the way it works. The canon mechanism is based on the principle of homopolar motor: a pair of parallel conductors (the rails) are fed by an electric current. The projectile is placed making contact with both, to close the circuit. The current that is produced interacts with the strong magnetic fields generated by the passage of electricity through the conductors and this accelerates the projectile linearly in the direction of the rails.

The original idea of ​​this device was to use it to shoot projectiles at high speed to destroy targets. However it is difficult to use as a weapon due to the enormous amount of energy required to operate with a minimum of efficiency and because the space occupied by the power supplies and capacitors used to generate the magnetic field makes it very difficult to transport For the infantry. Even so the United States Navy announced a test done on January 31, 2008 in order to equip their ships with this type of weapons. Leave your thoughts in the comment box below.


  1. I have created a shield system that works,I have tested it it will deflect that weapon,it uses the weapons shear speed,to reinforce the magnetic …………..shield system

  2. I can see where this would be a cost effective and safer weapon for the Navy. No explosive ordnance to carry on board a ship. Pretty cool stuff. The ammo is cheap compared to missiles, but they did not mention how much the system costs, or the maintenance costs. I doubt you will see much savings for the taxpayer there…

  3. JUST A LITTLE HISTORY………..this is how it all started. He had to go to the US before they would listen …….Metal Storm Limited was a research and development company based in Brisbane, Australia that specialized in electronically initiated superposed load weapons technology and owned the proprietary rights to the electronic ballistics technology invented by J. Mike O’Dwyer. .more…………Sometime in 1983, Mike O’Dwyer sold his trade business in order to work on Metal Storm.[9]

    In June 1997, the first 36-barrel prototype was unveiled.[9][11]

    In 2000, Chinese agents approached Michael O’Dwyer and offered him US$100M to go to China to develop the technology.[12][13] O’Dwyer refused and informed the Australian government of the approach. Since then, a Chinese company have developed technology[which?] and calls their military development programme, ‘Metal Storm’.[14][15]

    In June 2003 Metal Storm entered into an agreement to provide technology to Thunderstorm Firefighting Pty Ltd to help develop a civilian application of its technology to help with bush fire fighting activities. On 27 June 2003, Metal Storm received funding from the American military.[16]

    In 2005, O’Dwyer left the company with a $500,000 payout and an intention to sell half his stake—then valued at $43m—but he could not find a buyer.[11][17]

    On 19 November 2007, it was announced that the US Navy was buying Metal Storm grenade “barrels”.[11]

    In August 2010, Metal Storm signed a contract with a value of US$3,365,000 with Papua New Guinea’s Correctional Services Minister Tony Aimo to supply 500 MAULs and 10,000 less-lethal barrels for use by correctional services officers.[18]

    Metal Storm requested their shares be suspended from trading on 20 July 2012.[19] As of 26 July 2012, the company has been placed in voluntary administration.[19]

    In late 2015 DefendTex, an Australian-based Defence R&D company acquired the intellectual property, trademarks and other assets of Metal Storm with a view to the continued development and commercialisation of the technology

  4. The same Technology could be used to launch space craft, greatly reducing the cause to put space craft and payload into orbit or beyond. Rocket fuel alone could be put into orbit and be retrieved by a spacecraft for use to travel to distant locations in our solar system. I hope NASA is paying attention.

  5. Spectacular American military propaganda, but what’s the rate of fire for this gun considering the fact that it takes significant amount of electric power to do a shot.. that I guess stored in super capacitors or something. Still.. at some point it will not be able to cope with a big number of threats and targets coming it’s way.. I think electric power is the weak point of it..

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