Shooting Live 308 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotshell Ballistic Test


Testing the Custom 308 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotgun shell at approximately 30 feet. Using a our Snake Hound Machine pro targets and 2 liters inside terra cotta pots. Test gun is the Mossberg 590A1, 18″ barrel –  with a 16″ magazine tube. Filmed with three Sony HD AVCHD Camcorders; HDR-CX190. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.
This is the 308 12 gauge wax shotgun slug. We take a handful of m80 ball 308 cartridges and convert them to a combination wax / live ammo cartridge slug. Conceptualized as a 762×12 gauge wacky shotgun load we discover than this load actually has serious power, penetration and aiming capabilities. Despite all of this, the round is very dangerous and should not be built by novices or shot out of low grade equipment. Yo Dawg we put a bullet in yo bullet so you can shoot while you shoot. The Title of this video is: Shooting Live 308 x 12 Gauge Custom Shotgun shell Ballistic Test.
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